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Friday, October 10, 2008

books, Books, BOOKS!

My wife and I buy alot, (ALOT!), of books. I buy mostly theological books and have an almost obsession with WW2 and history in general, whereas my wife has a definite obsession with childrens books, (we have four boys all of whom are 8 and under). So for a family getaway we went to Calgary, AB, to trade off some of our less used or read books. We took with us about 7 big boxes of books(about 500 books) and traded most of them in for a few dozen books we've wanted or don't own already. My point is, we love books.

The reason I read so many books is because of my desire to know more and more about the Lord. I realize that all we can know (aside from creation) about God is found in the bible, but I love to read well written exposition about God, His grace and His wonderful revelation about Jesus Christ. I thank God for weak men that He has used in powerful ways to get good books into my hands and into my head.

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