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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Paul Washer Deeper

^^^^^MUST SEE!^^^^^

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  1. Alright ShiVeR?

    I posted back to you on Ray's blog, but he's really busy writing four books or something so the updates are cripplingly slow.

    Really though, you didn't have to guess that I was 20-ish and in college. Click on my name, the first thing you see is my age and occupation. (21, student)

    Would like to assure you that I don't parrot the opinions of people that I go to college with. If you ever sat in my class, you would understand why. No one in there knows jack about the Bible be they Atheist or Christian.

    That's why I've had to resort to debating online, lol. I enjoy the process.

    Peace anyway, and take care.